Monday, 24 August 2015

Catch the first flight!

Hi I'm Bella. I am just a 11 year old girl with a passion for writing. Most of you reading will be avid writers wanting to learn from each other that exactly why I have started this blog so that we can communicate, help and learn off each other.

Last year I entered in the colour your classroom competition. The theme was he best day of your life.
I worked really hard on a piece that could be entered. I still remember trying to squeeze detail into 500 words. I was stuck really. That is when I first experienced writers block and it often happens to me now but I have a way past it. If you ever get writers block I find the best thing is to find inspiration talk to the people around you and ask what they think.

I also have a problem with having loads of story-lines. I have found that it makes the reader rather confused and  can complicate things. I think that the best thing to do is stick with one thing unless you can make it really clear what is happening.

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