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Coraline gently glided her fingertips across the mark that cut into the white trees flesh. Suddenly she noticed a teacher peering around the trees, she immediately clambered up the white tree trunk and into the deep sky. She breathed in the crisp fresh air only to find the branch beneath her crack. She screamed as she plummeted down to the land below her, then everything stopped. The world around her disappeared, Coraline forgot everything.
Coraline woke up on some lush green grass and  saw two midnight purple eyes staring at her.“Hello, are you alright?" said the cute puppy face which was staring at her kindly. Coraline fainted, her head fell on the soft, glittering, green, grass. Suddenly, she found herself in a completely different place. She starred with determination at some brown flowers. It took ages for her to realize that they were built of chocolate! Then something captivated Coraline. Bees! They were dotted around the flowers. But the funny thing was they weren’t buzzing, they were humming some type of tune. I WANT CANDY don don don don don, I WANT CANDY don don don don don, I WANT CANDY don don don don don, and so on. Spellbound by this "I want candy" thing, Coraline fell into a river. Coraline accidentally  gulped down some water and found was as weird as her surroundings. It tasted like chocolate milk! "Man this place is crazy!" Coraline thought . She spotted some chocolate fish zooming around in the chocolatey substance. Then she noticed a multi coloured candy path! Once again she fainted. Coraline had just realized where she was. CANDYLAND!!


Lucy Aches was 8 year old girl that had dark brown hair which was tied up in a plait. She was in her room, muttering Her mother’s words that told her that there would be no more earthquakes, she knew they weren’t true but she didn’t want to think about the damage that could be done during the next earthquake. Her best friend Crystal has golden brown hair that is let loose around her skin. She had a mind made for adventure with lots of spirit. She was 10 years old. Crystal told Lucy that there would still be another earthquake to come.”Hurry up” Lucy translated in her head, as she had promised to meet in the park with Crystal. They had had a race with Crystal easily winning. Suddenly,there was a ear deafening rumble. “EARTHQUAKE!” they yelled together.Then they caught sight of the large buildings bordering the the park.”The buildings are going to fall down”, Lucy said, terrified “No” Spoke a rather calm Crystal,”We are going down in a deep crack with the rest of the city.”Around then some rather terrified citizens ran around like mad, not stopping to take breaths, a few tried to climb over the bank, including the man from the ministry.   

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